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Other Pests

Many pests primarily live and breed outdoors. For this reason, the source of an infestation is almost always from the outside. However, outdoor pests sometimes travel inside, either by accident, or in search of shelter or food. Outdoor pests that sneak inside can become a nuisance to homeowners. Some may bite, sting, secrete foul odors or cause damage to fabrics and furniture. Common invaders in this section include centipedes, mites, crickets, moths and lice.

Control Methods
To prevent outside pests from being attracted to your home, you should:

  • Remove debris, leaf litter, firewood, etc., will reduce the number of pests living near the building. This is by far the best strategy for long-term control of occasional invader pests.
  • Seal exterior cracks and holes and weatherproof doors to keep pests out of buildings.
  • Keep exterior lights off at night or replace bulbs with bulbs that are not attractive to insects (e.g., yellow lights).
  • Remove excess vegetation. Keep grass and other plants cut back from the foundation of the building. Grass should be cut to a height of 2 to 3 inches.

Treatments are an essential part of ongoing pest control. Exterior treatments can be applied around your home to help prevent outdoor pests from entering the home and causing an infestation.




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