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Ant Pest Control

Get Rid of Those Ants Now.

Spring is in full swing and that means the bugs are coming out. We are having an alarming increase in calls for sugar ants as well as carpenter ants.

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To get rid of ants, it is important to identify the ant species before attempting ant pest control. Some ant species can be controlled using baits, while others cannot. To get rid of ants successfully, it is usually necessary to follow them back to their colony and treat the colony directly. We can identify your ants, kill them, and control future outbreaks.

Ants infest buildings as a nuisance, feed on human foods, and even cause structural damage. Ants are also annoying because of their biting or stinging habits. Ant stings are responsible for a number of human fatalities in the United States each year. The effects of stings on a human depend on the ant species and the sensitivity of the person. Most deaths are caused by a hypersensitive reaction leading to anaphylactic shock.

Carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) and termite (Isoptera) are notorious for causing damage to wood in your home. Termites are roughly the same size as the many, many species of large ants that fall into the carpenter ant Camponotus group; and like carpenter ants, termites burrow into wet, rotting wood, making them the enemy of your home’s framing.

Because both carpenter ants and termites swarm in the springtime to mate, they are often confused for one another by homeowners spotting the swarms. A closer look will reveal significant differences.

Check out our ant pest control page to learn more. 

Ant Pest Control


We are taking extra precautions at these uncertain times. With no contact payments and following the CDC guidelines. Our Top Priority is your safety.


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