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Real Estate Pest Inspections

House Hunting Time is Here!

Do not let a failed pest inspection slow your closing. 

As the buyer: You are making a huge investment. Whether the lender requires it or not, you should know if the structure is free from an infestation.

For the seller: It is in your best interest to have an inspection done before listing the property. You will then know if there is an infestation and begin treatment to avoid any delays.

Realtors: We will discuss any findings following the inspection. We understand the need for prompt service in dealing with escrow. We work hard for you, 7 days a week ~ 24/7.

Do It Yourself Pest Prevention Tips

Inside Your Home

  • Caulk holes or cracks.
  • All windows are properly screened.
  • Remove any excess clutter.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Look for any water leaks under sinks.

Yard & Flower Beds

  • Trim back bushes away from house.
  • Keep your grass cut short.
  • Clean-up pet waste often.
  • Keep mulch to a minimum. 
  • Look for any standing water.