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Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars ~ Pest Solutions

Positive experiences feed restaurant success, but poor pest control puts your hard work at risk. 

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, the only thing more important than the quality of the food you present is the satisfaction of your customers. We understand how important it is for your customers to enjoy their meal without the interruption of pests of any kind. 

Our Experts quickly identify your pest threats and put into place a customized solution for you. We provide discreet and efficient pest control with flexible service schedules that work for your business. If a pest concern arises, we are just a phone call away. With our Moore Year-Round Protection Service; we guarantee protection for over 30 of the most common pests. 

Food prep/storage areas require ongoing concentration on sanitation, which plays a large part in effective pest management. Our pest management program enables you to pass inspections and maintain your own commitment to excellence with pest solutions for your specific need. We will also make recommendations and give insight on everyday practices to unsure you remain pest free.

Food facilities require stringent standards of sanitation and protocols for pesticide use to meet state and federal regulatory guidelines. We strive to not just eliminate pest infestations that can render food products unusable or contaminated, but will always do so in a safe, effective, and environmentally responsible manner. 

Poor pest control management can lead to: 

  • Negatives reviews and social media exposure 
  • Loss of customers, loss revenue
  • Customer illnesses
  • Food safety violations 
  • Health department closure
  • Low employee moral and increased turnover

Most Common Pests: 

  •  Ants : Once you see a few ants, you may see many more. Since most ants are attracted to food, especially sweets, make sure to eliminate their food and water source by keeping all food items properly sealed.
  •  Flies : Flies transport a surprising number of pathogens. There’s simply no room for them in your business. Maintain trash areas, seal all possible entry points, and clean up spills quickly. Be sure employees are making a habit of closing doors. Leaving these propped open is a crucial mistake many businesses make.
  •  Rodents : Rodent populations increase over spring, and they are quite skilled at gaining entry into businesses. Make sure to secure food sources in tightly sealed containers and inspect for droppings and damaged food goods.
  •  Birds : Birds can contaminate food and food products, endanger employee and customer health with the illnesses they carry, and lead to failed audits. Make sure to prevent their access, and block areas where birds perch and nest.
  •  Roaches : The greatest damage roaches can cause is not only disease risk and failed health inspections, but also contaminated stock, lost revenues, and damage to your reputation. Keep all areas dry, clutter-free, and seal all cracks and crevices of your building to prevent these pests.


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