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Hotel and Motel Pest Control

Creating a positive experience for guests involves numerous factors. Clean, comfortable rooms. Breakfast options and laundry facilities. Toiletries, cleaning protocols, and 24/7 staff availability. It’s no wonder that some hotel owners get overwhelmed when it comes to pest control. And yet, confronted with such high-profile pests as bed bugs and roaches, hotel pest control is clearly important.

Proactive pest control with established sanitation best practices, can prevent future pest outbreaks. Aside from site maintenance basics – keeping a clean facility; storing waste properly; sealing holes, gaps, and other entry points. These best practices can help keep your business pest-free.

If your hotel/motel has a kitchen or food prep/storage area, they require ongoing concentration on sanitation. Our pest management program enables you to pass inspections and maintain your own commitment to excellence with pest solutions for your specific needs. We will also make recommendations and give insight on everyday practices to control pests.

We can quickly identify your pest threats and put into place a customized solution for you. We provide discreet and efficient pest control with flexible service schedules that work for your business. If a pest concern arises, we are just a phone call away. With our Moore Year-Round Protection Service; we guarantee protection for over 30 of the most common pests. 

Environmentally Responsible

Strategic placement of pest control materials, guarantees maximum protection with minimal environmental impact. We use only the safest products for your business. Our first-class commercial grade baits are used in schools, hospitals,  nursing homes, and the food industry. They work great with no odors, smells, or fumes of any kind. With over 50 years of experience in pest control, we will not let you down.


Invader #1: Bed Bugs

The top pest with hotel and motel pest control is bed bugs. These pests can quickly cause harm to your business’ repetition and bottom line with poor reviews and revenue. These pests take expert knowledge to eradicate. With 50 Years of Experience, we have the knowledge to give you peace of mind that your hotel rooms will be pest free. 


Invader #2: Rodents

Mice, rats, and other rodents are responsible for creating huge quantities of damage to products each year. Not only do rodents directly consume stored products, but more importantly they damage foods and packaging by gnawing and puncturing, plus contaminating the products with feces and other waste products. Rodents enter food storage and manufacturing plants in shipments or through holes and gaps that enable them to enter the structure. Therefore, the most important steps in dealing with rodent infestations are inspection, sanitation, and exclusion.



Invader #3: Cockroaches

While cardboard is a standard packaging material for food manufacturers, it’s also an attractive food source for German cockroaches. The added attraction of starch, sugars, grease, and meats may enable these pests to produce large populations. Since many species of cockroaches are small and very secretive, they hide throughout your facility, making them difficult to eradicate.




Invader #4: Odorous Ants

One of the biggest problems related to ants is contamination. Ants carry bacteria on their bodies, which spreads when they crawl in storage areas and counter tops. Only a few species are known to transmit diseases. Some species, like carpenter and fire ants, cause additional problems. A carpenter ant infestation can do costly damage by chewing tunnels through wood beams. Fire ant stings that involve envenomation can cause pain and more serious symptoms that often result in allergic reactions to some people who are hyper-sensitive to ant stings.


Moore Pest Solutions also protects your home. We have proven protection against carpenter ants and termites, plus other pests with our guaranteed satisfaction.

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