Spider Pest Control 

There is much confusion regarding poisonous spiders in the Pacific Northwest, even among the medical community. While all spiders use venom to subdue their prey (hence, all spiders are “venomous”), the bites of most spiders are often only mildly irritating.

Only three spiders of medical importance live in the Pacific Northwest. 

The black Widow Spider

Yellow Sac Spider

Hobo Spider

Many different kinds of spiders live throughout the Pacific Northwest — both native and introduced. Where a few species are dangerous, most are relatively harmless and will never bite a human — if they are even physically capable of doing so — unless provoked. Those interested can use a combination of web and body design, and knowledge of their habitats to identify most spiders in the region, though some must be examined under a microscope or by a professional.


Top 8 pest spiders in the Pacific Northwest



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