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Office/Retail Building Pest Control

Busy employees have more to worry about than an ant or cockroach infestation. Many other pests can invade office buildings as well. We have over 50 years experience in the pest control business, you can trust us to manage your pest problem in a timely, professional manner. Providing both interior and exterior protection, we target pests where they are.


Service you can trust, no pest hassles to manage. We strive to keep your environment pest-free, protecting your properties and reputation. You have better things to do than handle a pest management crisis. We work 7 days a week ~ 24/7.

We simply deliver some of the most dependable service in the business. We have flexible appointments that are convenient for your business. We use the safest and most effective products on the market. Ask us about our first-class commercial grade baits. We use them in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and the food industry. They work great with no odors, smells, or fumes of any kind. Strategic placement of our top of the line products, guarantees maximum protection with no adverse effects.

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Office/Retail Building Pest Control – Top 3 Pests:

  •  Ants : Once you see a few ants, you may see many more. Since most ants are attracted to food, especially sweets, make sure to eliminate their food and water source by keeping all food items properly sealed.
  •  Flies : Flies transport a surprising number of pathogens. There’s simply no room for them in your business. Maintain trash areas, seal all possible entry points, and clean up spills quickly. Be sure employees are making a habit of closing doors. Leaving these propped open is a crucial mistake many businesses make.
  •  Rodents : Rodent populations increase over spring, and they are quite skilled at gaining entry into businesses. Make sure to secure food sources in tightly sealed containers and inspect for droppings and damaged food goods.


Moore Pest Solutions also protects your home. We have proven protection against carpenter ants and termites, plus other pests with our guaranteed satisfaction.

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Termite and Carpenter Ant Solutions

Pests don’t take a vacation! Termites never stop eating. 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We have the experience and knowledge to kill them. 

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